Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Heres a quick one for the Bowman. A great old catchy ass garage rock jam by The Outcasts. If anyone knows anything about this band Id love to know. All I can find netwise is a punk band under the same name or duh, Outkast. Not what I want. Anyway Bumrocks posted this in late 05/early 06 and with me it was an instant classic. Fuzzed out guitars, vocals that sound sung in the apartment next door and oooooo ooooooo oh oh backup singers make me so so happy. Sorry I never burned it for you dude. But hey you got it now.

The Outcasts- Lovin You Sometimes

And check out Mike B's hot live mix he just upped at the Egg Exchange (is that really the new name? So awesome). Its all in the mix. Even Peter Schilling.


(thee) Mike B said...

Though the name remians Mike B vs Dickie G... the header will change every once in awhile. Though I feel that The Egg Exchange will have to comback. I'm pretty sure you may be the only person that gets today's title!

seandonson said...

Dude. Best name ever.

Scot said...

Oh shit! I always loved this song when you played it...can't believe you remembered! Thanks...it's a fucking great song.


(thee) Mike B said...

this outcasts shit is fire!