Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thanks to the inspirato of Mike B and Scot (Dont Go!) I'm finally entering the game. After thinking for far too long about what my first post should be, something thematic? Something that sums up what this page will be all about? I decided to say fuck it and post something bangin. Heres one I think got lost in the shuffle late last year with the overabundance of indiehipsterelectronewrave madness floating around, hasn't this whole scene heard of overexposure? Jesus. Its a remix of I Am Finn's I Love You by the always lovely Van She Tech. Between them and the Bag Raiders the Aussie team is killin it right now (Cut Copy where are you?). Starts off with a great early 90s dance bassline some choppity glitchy vocals, then sirens and full on pumpin rave madness. Hold onto your pacifiers people. Check VSTs myspace. That remix of Teenager's Alone Again is amazing. Need a copy of that. Heres a couple bonuses too.

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Scot said...

so glad you're here