Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mago Del Aqua

You might remember our friend Ben Aqua from the amazing Bollywood mix he dropped on us a few months ago. Well, he's back again and bringing the heat. This time sharing with us an exclusive demo from his alter-ego and synth assault project, MVSCLZ. This scorching homage to High-Energy, Italo Disco would make Sylvester swoon and even Lime blush. So hot!

MVSCLZ - Black Magic (Demo)

Apparently we're not the only ones paying attention to Ben's awe inspiring work. His blog, AQUABOTIC was recently featured on director Spike Jonze's "We Love You So-Where The Wild Things Are" website in reference to it's influence on Jonze's film making process. When he's not posting on his blog, or making music, he's actively creating art in the multimedia conglomerate Totally Wreck Production Instute, as well as DJing in the interdimensional outer space outfit, MenRG. He just doesn't quit. Big props to Ben for all his good work. Expect this star to keep rising people. Enjoy this clip of MVSCLZ performing live on Austin Public Access via EIHITV.


Anonymous said...

meme Daft Punk n'y avait pas pensé

chris said...

Good Video!!!

ronald said...

i'm loving it. thank you!