Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Hasbeens

Our dear friend in Rotterdam, Odessa, just sent us this amazing new video by The Hasbeens featuring a single from their upcoming 12" release, available on Clone Records. The Hasbeens feature the talents of Netherland dream team duo, Alden Tyrell and DJ Overdose. Their carefully crafted sound epitomizes the grim glamour of dystopian disco. The video for "You and Me" showcases this appreciation for the murky shadows of night life. Directed by Billy NoMates (Mathilde "Odessa" Karrer and Jasper Verhorevoort) and shot on beautiful RED (for you A/V geeks), the video comes off as a seedy homage to French New Wave cinema in it's existential exploration of the human condition. Look for the boys cruising by in a 'Benz near the end of the video. Love the hangman in the rear view mirror. Nice touch! Keep an eye out for the release, it's going go fast!

New 12" of The Hasbeens (Alden Tyrell & DJ Overdose). Clone Records 2009 - (Clone West Coast Series 03) - Directed by: Billy NoMates (Mathilde Karrer & Jasper Verhorevoort) www.clone.nl - www.reel001.com

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