Monday, January 12, 2009

Dirty Love

Bagarre is one of the most fascinating and elusive disco/italo groups around. Original copies of their records can fetch ridiculous prices, information on them is scant at best and their sound practically represents the work of two different groups. Case in point Dirty Love from their 1982 LP, Circus. A laid back, hazy disco groove punctuated with singer (one of two on this album) Jo Cleary's incredible, husky, angry but almost spoken word vocals. Think the singer from Book of Love but with a snarling Italian accent.

Then came their 1985 album, Epitaph. More a collection loose ends than a proper album it contained more than a few new versions of old songs including Dirty Love, renamed Your Love is Dirty. This version has a much more minimal, more electronic and features this time a man on vocals. Who? I don't know, but he sure is a creep. Taking cues from Cleary's original vocals he talks his way through, over-accentuating strange syllables and letting his accent shine but he comes off way less sexy and... weird. Both are great versions. Which one do you guys and gals like better?

Bagarre- Dirty Love
Bagarre- Your Love is Dirty

Super duper bonus track... this ones a bit more on the cosmic end of the grand disco spectrum.

Bagarre- Chances to Come/ Eve of War


tommy boy said...

DAMN BOY - u on point!!! I love this group so much. I hadn't heard the sequel to Dirty Love either. So nice!

Trag said...

What a great share. Surely I would never have heard this if it wasn't for ARAWA. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

WHO are these guys? Tommyboy's Running Love Down mix changed my life a few months ago and I've been fascinated with Bagarre ever since.

Did Jo Cleary do anything after?
Did any of the band do anything after??

I want answers!!