Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome Back

What happened to Harry Thumann? After an incredible span of work from '77 to '83, he just kinda disappeared. How could we let him go? I mean, in addition to his own work including his signature tunes, Sphinx and Underwater, he also worked with La Bionda and Rondo Veneziano on the great La Serinissima. And then poof. Gone. Lost to the cosmos.

I'd like to toss this golden rope out there Harry, one you wove of shimmering arpeggios and twinkling synths, in hopes that you can grab on and begin your descent back to Earth. And the studio.

Harry Thumann- Welcome Back, Jolette


Premini said...

Apparently he died in 2001.

seandonson said...

Oh. I guess we'll need a longer rope then.

Anonymous said...

no new thumann finesse?
that sucks :(

krilli said...

This track is absolutely crazy.