Monday, December 1, 2008

New Life

I was doin some youtube searchin recently and came across some awesome videos by Georges Schwizgebel and Ishu Patel. At the same time I was listening to this wicked track from Blackway and thought it would be perfect for these videos. After a quick couple of rips and editing 101, I came up with this lil diddy. I was pleasently surpised that it reached Casco and met his approval. He gave me a little more insight on this release which was most enlightening.

Blackway is in fact another artist named Paolo Del Prete who originally released this 12" back in '82 on Moon Records Association. It was also featured on Casco's "The Cyber Album" with the title "Casco Presents Blackway - New Life" which caused some confusion as to the origination. Anywho, there's a re-issued 12" with this track and the incomparable Mr Master on the bside with the instrumental version of "Dog in the Night", available on Flexx records. Apparently Casco and Del Prete are preparing new Blackway material which will be available soon. I know I'll be on the lookout since everything Casco touches is gold.

Blackway - New Life

5 comments: said...

That's dope that Casco dug it. He's awesome.

seandonson said...

Paolo Del Prete's myspace is the animated gif-inest place ever. It nearly crashed my browser.

Love the video Tommy!

Zartek said...

'New Life' is one of my all time favorites. Unique isn't the word.
The video is great! The Nelion Galaxy misses you


seandonson said...

Hey Tommy! Did this comment get emailed to you?

Anonymous said...

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