Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Witch Hunt

Things aren't always cute and cuddly round here. Sometimes the shackles of sequencers and metronomes become too tight and can only loosened with abrasion and distortion, primal needs and fears satisfied/exacerbated with sounds raw and unprocessed.

In steps RVNG, quickly become the preeminent label for moving into the future by looking backwards. Their newest release is a beast. A beast lovingly edited, compiled and mixed by one JD Twitch. In the package you get 10" with four edits of the Crass extended family and one extra ambitious mix cd of early punk/noise/spazz what have you. Twitch says in the liner notes...

"Doing a mix cd of this music seemed like a crazy idea but as I've always been a big fan of crazy ideas I was determined to make it work and I think it does. The idea behind it was two-fold. Firstly I thought there might be some people out there who know nothing about this music and might stumble across this and find that they really like it. Secondly there are probably a load of people out there who used to dig this stuff but are now deep into cosmic disco or somesuch and this might remind them of how great and eminently listenable this music really is."

I'm definitely part of the latter group. Its incredible to hear this stuff in a new mindset and context and still feel all the immediacy and power that drew me to it in the first place. Thanks Twitch and RVNG.

Here's a little taste, Twitch's Beyond the Emperor's Sleeve-esque edit of The Mob's Witch Hunt...
The Mob- Witch Hunt (JD Witch Re-Edit)

Buy the whole package for cheap at RVNG and support good music!

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shermstixx said...

This is a pretty sweet song and idea. I generally refer to the late 70s and early 80s as being the best era in music- and that idea sprung from my love of punk rock which I will take with me wherever I go for as long as I live and probably after I die.
It's cool to see how many people that are making more dance oriented/synth music had grown up on/in punk rock and how you can hear or feel it in certain works that people make either directly or indirectly... there seemed to be so much forward thinking in music at that point and not least in the crass/anarcho scene. pretty sweet. this dude is playing in portland pretty soon and I hope I have enough money to go see him. wicked cool.