Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On Green

My good friend Silencefiction said a few months ago that he had a mix in the works that ARAWA might enjoy, "Might you be interested?" he said. I said totally. As long as it doesn't suck.

"Of course it wont suck," he replied, "its an all Asia mix".

As excited as you all were to hear Heat of the Moment, I'm sorry to say, he lied. He decided to make something good instead. An eminently listenable and enjoyable selection of new wave and synth-pop that helped to shape an eminently enjoyable dude from past to present to future. As Tommy Boy says, "It's roots music for the apathetic and pale".

"I was a blossoming synth punk youth in Montreal when most of these tracks were recorded, hence the commonwealth-centric track selection. Half were the soundtrack to my discovery of hairspray and nail polish. The other half are tracks
I wish I knew about at the time.Strangely, a lot of these otherworldly, alienated songs were either recorded with major label money, or led these bands to later become novelty one-hit-wonders before they faded away. The majors were bandwagoning to cut themselves a piece of the new wave, but they were also taking risks by signing some pretty adventurous music. The terrain was open and uncharted. Even the Human League couldn't ruin it for everybody. Nor could Throbbing Gristle."

I want to point out that while he's still quite big on the nail polish, the hairspray might not be necessary anymore.

Silencefiction- Advance One Level On Green

Silencefiction's new post-minimal label, Untitled and After will be launching soon featuring releases and remixes from among others, Landsound, Lance De Sardi and Safety Scissors.

Tracklist in the comments.

And as a shameless ploy to get this incredible mix into as many ears as possible, here's a track for the Hype Machine generation.

Mike Batt- Love Makes You Crazy


seandonson said...

1 - 1906 (Jean Michel Jarré) - "Cartolina"
2 - The Units - "High Pressure Days"
3 - Mi-Sex - "Computer Games"
4 - Logic System - "Clash (Chinjyu of Sun)"
5 - N.O.I.A. - "Stranger in a Strange Land"
6 - Anne Clark - "Sleeper in Metropolis"
7 - Dramatis - "Love Needs No Disguise"
8 - Images in Vogue - "Lust for Love"
9 - YMO - "Cue"
10 - Alice Cooper - "Clones"
11 - Nash the Slash - "Dance After Curfew"
12 - Ultravox - "White China (Razormaid!)"
13 - Rational Youth - "Close to Nature"
14 - John Foxx - "Underpass"
15 - Ultravox - "Herr X"
16 - Men Without Hats - "Security"
17 - Mike Batt - "Love Makes You Crazy"
18 - Cowboys International - Thrash
19 - Rational Youth - "Holiday in Bangkok"
20 - Kissing the Pink - "Broken Body"
21 - Gang 90 - "Jack Kerouac"
22 - Images in Vogue - "Fade Away"
23 - Our Daughter's Wedding - "Lawnchairs"

Anonymous said...

great set list!

robotsluvme said...

gawd this mix is so killer! thx Sean!