Monday, August 11, 2008

Los Electricos

I get a lot of music sent my way. It usually comes my way in form letter emails masquerading as something personal, like "Nice blog". Oh thanks. It's then painfully obvious that you are dealing with people that actually have no idea what your blog is and are just spamming the entire Hype Machine blog list. Oh, you do freestyle slampoetry folk punk? Perfect. You'll totally fit in here. Please keep sending me music. Every once in awhile though, something actually good falls into the inbox making it all worthwhile.

Enter Los Electricos. Their unique melding of motorik rhythms, warm synths and new wavey guitars seems almost tailor made to fit this place. Since I've been given no information on them save for a quick correspondence and their excellent EP, Waiting To Be Dead, I have no choice but to assume something weird.

So, I assume, that one night, the keyboardist from an Naked Eyes cover band was driving recklessly through the Italian countryside, late for yet another gig. As he reached for a Michael Rother tape that had slipped between the seats, he lost his grip on the wheel and his car careened into the guardrail and flipped. His body disappeared leaving only fire, glass, twisted metal and one severed hand covering the quiet highway.

He awoke in a sterile, neon-white room, with planets and stars somehow wooshing by the only window and felt a sharp, vibrating pain in his right hand, looked and saw a shining metal man grafting a undulating ball of purple electricity to his lonely stump. A musical alliance was formed and transmissions of love and radness were then regularly sent out across the galaxy. And to blogs of course.

Los Electricos- Interstellar Romance
Los Electricos- Fang

Visit Los Electricos and hear more transmissions here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up, Great tunes here.