Monday, May 12, 2008

Escape From New York

If you're going to name yourself or band after something really awesome, you've got to be prepared to be awesome right? Case in point, Escape From New York. They only released two singles in the early '80s, but oh, the singles. Huge basslines, catchy hooks, lush synths, man, they were good. The four members kinda fell (escaped?) off the face of this earth after the early '90s but I like to think they may have fell into another world, one more suited to their futuristic sound.

Escape From New York- Fire In My Heart

Escape From New York- Slow Beat
(Thanks to the excellent Gold Code for this gigantic vocoder jam!)


le club eskimoo said...

Superbe !
U're like Indiana Jones whith this kind of lost treasure...

seandonson said...

Won't you be my Short Round?

Captain Clark said...

wow, have been searching for an mp3 with the vocal version (fire in my heart) for a WHILE. thank you, so great music. and a great blog btw.

Anonymous said...

I have a different mix of this tune (this version I had heard last year and is a bit too ghost n goblins) The mix I have came on a compilation from mid 80s for Belgian radio. (IIRC) I have ripped it from vinyl, for history's sake. You re right they were a great group.
you seem to sahre my appreciation for Clio and Ferrante productions too - cool :) Faces was the best Italo disco song in my mind, since it is a great pop song as well as having all the great aspects of that Genre.