Saturday, May 3, 2008

Deja Vu

Bobsy asked for a re-up, and being that I posted the requested song a year ago when nobody read ARAWA, I'll just re-post the whole thing! It's a song so good, it deserves at least two posts...
This song makes me wanna dance like Molly Ringwald. Or with her. Whatever. I can't find any info on this band whatsoever but I can tell you that:
1. Its probably from around '81.
2. It sounds like a lot of early Depeche Mode before they got all sad. Speak & Spell in particular.
3. Echo & The Bunnymen have a song called Turquoise Days.
4. My girlfriend loves turquoise.
5. I love this song.

Turquoise Days- Grey Skies

Edit: Since posting this, a discogs page has showed up and apparently, the two members went on from here to make... psychedelic trance! Bummer.


Doe Deere said...

Hey there!

I'm Doe Deere, the Disco Diva from Brooklyn, NY. I'm 98.7% sure you'll want to blog about me and my music ;-P

Anonymous said...

It was 1984
great tunes here!
keep in touch

Anonymous Bosch said...

seandonson said...

Yessssssssss!!! Thank you so much for the vid link Bosch!

Anonymous said...

I've just listened to Grey Skies 10 or 12 times, over and over. It's that good! Many thanks.