Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summer Jam Series Vol. 5

I'm lounging under a shady tree, a cool breeze blowing on a warm day. Everything in the park seems to slow, she speaks softly, I don't know what she says, but she can say it all day.

Yelle- Tu Es Beau

Her album is super excellent fun. Buy it. Love it. Dance to it in your undies.


Anonymous said...

so much better, easier, faster on the upload tip (pause). voo-les-voo too-shey avec moi, sa-swa

seandonson said...

Bruce! Nice to see you come around. Oh, and Bruce, you know I would, but my girl would kill me.

Anonymous said...

Tru, Tru...just keep blessin us with the jems...the jams. A'ight.