Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Heart ZYX

Its impossible to decide what the best part of this video is. Theres too many fantastic things happening at once. One of my favorite elements gets a little lost because of Koto's keyboard karate, so please pay special attention to the spacemen moving excruciatingly slow in the back. Why so slow? Well, because... you know, theres low gravity in space.

Koto- Jabdah

Thanks to Marc for youtubin so I don't have to.


H.M.A. said...

omg! that's brilliant. Koto was such a freak. not my fave song by him, but still a hilarious video.

i want an "I [heart] ZYX" sticker too.

seandonson said...

I hear ya. I'm pretty sure that I only listen to this song to remind myself of the video.

Jason said...

shit I need that sticker