Thursday, July 12, 2007

Let It Happen

Just the idea of new Lindstrom is enough to make me feel all warm and stoned inside. On his newest he reunites with fellow tripper Solale to transform Vangelis' 1973 psychedelic summer jam "Let it Happen" into a meandering synth workout. Set your phasers to "Woah, man" and don't sleep on that Beatfanatic mix. Its 12 minutes of epicness.

Lindstrom & Solale- Let It Happen
Vangelis- Let It Happen
Vangelis- Let It Happen (Beatfanatic Remix)

In case you're interested, the above diagram shows the orbit of Vangelis (a minor planet named after the one and only) in relation to the major planets in the inner solar system. You know you're a cosmic dude when you've got planets named after you.


Anonymous said...

Love the blog.......quality stuff!
As much as I LOVE Lindstrom, I'm not too sure we needed a re-make of this tune. With the original and the GAMM re-work out a few months back it makes me quetion the cover. It's kinda like the remake of West Phillips' I'm Just A Sucker For A Pretty Face by Ray Mang. Pretty hard to top the original.
Spectacular production quality, though.


seandonson said...

Dude! Andrew Allsgood? Love Disco Pigs in Space! Thanks for stopping by. And on the subject here, I hear you but you know the saying, "quality over quantity"? Well fuck that saying. We got quality and quantity.