Monday, July 2, 2007

I Want to Boooogie Tonight

Dont trust that photo. Despite looking like Paula Poundstone's secret lover, Anneclaire knows how to get down. Madonna and Nile Rodgers' new boogie blueprint hooks up with Italo and produces a heavily accented, yellow jumpsuited offspring. Said child goes on to wanting a lot of things. Hear them all listed here in song format! Fun!

Never heard the original but this remix by Elvio Pieri gets me going every time. More from Elvio coming soon...

Anneclaire- I Want (Remix)


Terry Miller said...

someone needs to start mixing this into some new stuff. this, to me, is where it's at. everyone's done the "dark italo" stuff, but no one will touch stuff like cruisin' gang, fun fun, and this.

i love this stuff. perfect for the beach!

Sean Donson said...