Thursday, April 8, 2010

Keith Mansfield's "Night Bird"

I am so incredibly stoked to be sharing this track on ARAWA... I found out about it little over four or five months ago and was saddened by its lack of availability in mp3 form. But, LUCKILY I found it this morning. It's a library production by Syd Dale and Keith Mansfield from 1979. It truly oozes with seventies-campy-swagger. Lately I've been incredibly into "library" music... so I'll be sharing some more of my finds at later dates. I want to pay huge homage though to Cosmobells whom I got this rip from. The blogs out there ripping library records are truly amazing.

MP3: Keith Mansfield - Night Bird


Zardoz's Body said...

This is Crazy!! Thanks for sharing. I never thought the word library would be this awesome.

X-Y-Z-Cosmonaut said...

Thanks for the homage! Glad you enjoyed Night Bird. :)

EROK! said...

Just wanted to say the blog is an education and an inspiration!

Cheers guys.

blas said...

YESSSSSS!! this is exactly what i needed today.. some funky jazzy heat to calm myself this crazy friday. Thanks a lot guys I landed on your blog today and im completely loving it.