Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm pleased to present my new video for //TENSE// featuring the single "Turn It Off'" available on MishkaNYC records later this year. Inspired by classic EBM videos of the past, //TENSE// was shot over an extended weekend in Dallas, Texas with friend and videographer Thomas from Blackmagic Rollercoaster


Martin S. said...

This is a fantastic video work, Tommy Boy. Everything you do has heart & soul. Did you cut it by yourself? Anyway, wonderful!
So, hopefully you now have a bit more time to give us a new dj-mix... :-) ?
greetings from germany, Martin.

remy said...

keep it up Tommy - great stuff!

Unknown said...

soooo gooooood, tommyboy the video is pure class!
can´t stop listening to the song

Patricia Furpurse said...

Rad song and video! Hoping //Tense// comes to Portland!