Friday, February 26, 2010

Yoko's orchestra of light

I fucking love Yoko Ono. She is perhaps one of the most under appreciated artists in the conventional media, but she is quite admired by many other radical artists such as Patti Smith, Lene Lovich and John Cage. Some of her films, perceived as quite dull, magnified the minute details of living moments... such as her films about a blinking eye or a fly. Supposedly the films were intended to be a protest against the archaic institutionalism of the art community. Showing the reality that exists instead of the often sectioned off masturbation of academic art. Yoko has never been one to settle in the image of life that the media or academia attempts to force us to accept.

It was quite a shock for me when I discovered her album "Approximately Infinite Universe." An album that mixed elements of proto punk, avante garde concepts, feminism annddddddd catchy pop riffs? Seriously. With quite poignant lyrics describing the difficulties of being a sensitive man in a production dominated land alongside songs about the intensity of frustrations felt by family problems I was in love. The album tingled my emotions while expanding my perceptions of life period(.)

Yoko Ono - I Felt Like Smashing My Face In A Clear Glass Window
Yoko Ono- Yang Yang


theneedledrop said...

Love Yoko!? You and me both!

Jacques said...

So awesome that you are part of the Arawa team now. I know I'm super late on this congrats but, congrats! : )

Anonymous said...

thanks christov!!<3