Monday, July 13, 2009

Sun Songs Pt. 2

Where have I been? Elsewhere. My apologies.

I started a series on my last pass through, giving a bit of promise for more summer love to come, then life happened again and I disappeared. I think of ARAWA almost daily, thinking of returning to find it overgrown with moss and ivy, in a hidden corner of some secret garden. Waiting in silence for Tommy and I to return and turn these lights back on.

Well hi. Missed you guys.

This song has been bouncing around my head and heart all season, pianos sustaining toward the horizon, riding atop a glorious boogie funk bassline, bits of synth sprinkled behind, falling and skipping the surface like stones... ahhh. Summer.

Touch Sensitive- Body Stop

Try here for 320's of this and other tracks off this outstanding release from Future Classic Australia.


Chop Logik said...

Danke for the update!

Love all the posts that spring forth from this blorg!

Jacques said...

you have been missed. back to the groove again...exciting.

Dan said...