Monday, September 1, 2008

Bad Skinned

The long legacy of all-star edit awesomeness (Tim Sweeney, Betty Botox, "Wade Nichols", Mock and Toof and Lovefingers) that is Rvng's series RVNG of the NRDs continues on this month with Runaway's Jacques Renault. I've yet to hear side B (as my copy is still en route) but side A finds Renault more than happy to lay down and wallow in the mire that is dirty disco in two tracks of (get) radness. With more sweaty grooves and richocheting blips and bloops than a bathhouse Lazer Tag session here's my pick of the two, Bad Skinned.

Jacques Renault- Bad Skinned

Grab your copy of RVNG of the NRD's Vol. 6 and more at the RVNG store.


Anonymous said...

Wow,this is a hot track , thanks for posting .

Ash Williams said...

Just got mine in the mail the other day. All 3 edits are supreme, but Bad Skinned is simply Bad Ass. My god it's fantastic. Do you know what it's an edit of?

seandonson said...

No idea bud... might do some good to ask some questions over at the djhistory forums.

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