Sunday, February 25, 2007

This man is making me very happy at the moment. After hearing Les Environs a few weeks back I was a quick convert to his warm synths, melodies and spaced out atmosphere. The title of his track "Analog Sparkles" explains everything. Remember "The Beach"? I do. Far too well. Well, when I make that movie my own reality (except for all the violence and creepy hippie infighting) and we have our parties (you know at the end before the pot farmers come?), Compuphonic can play anytime. They played Mory Kante. Also a good choice.

Compuphonic- Les Environs (Repost)
Compuphonic- Cosmic Nag
Compuphonic- Analog Sparkles


(thee) Mike B said...

They so played Mory Kante

Anonymous said...

Hi, very nice Blog :)

Can you do me a favour and repost the "analog sparkles"-track, PLEASE, this one is awesome !!!

Thanks ;)